And what a year it was:

    • Reemberto retires from Montgomery County Government after 12 years of passionate devotion to Silver Spring. (See Es Hora / It’s Time statement.)
    • Geraldina adopts Cachao.
    • Iggy & Jess celebrate their wedding.
    • Rembe gets the Braves to win the World Series.
    • Dana wins a triathalon.
    • Berto starts kindergarten.
    • Mirabelle gets to see her first movie where the star is her near namesake (Mirabel) in Encanto.
    • And we all (except Mirabelle and Cachao) get our Covid shots – and all except Berto – have the booster too.

This year we got to ‘rediscover’ nearby marvels by staying close to home and visiting friends and family:

    • Our own backyard.
    • Sligo Creek.
    • The Eastern Shore.
    • Delaware
    • Frederick.
    • New and re-opened restaurants in Silver Spring & Takoma Park.
    • And Broadway. Not necessarily near, but Ana was in Chicago so we had to go 🙂
    • (Yep. We also did TWO pigs in the Caja China! – Memorial Day & Labor Day.)

We also were blessed to continue sharing our gifts with the good folks doing amazing work, including, among others:

    • Shepherd’s Table.
    • Puente de Amistad.
    • Catholic Relief Service.
    • The Rotary Club.
    • Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Oh, and the world happenings:

    • Cuba protests.
    • The pandemic persists.
    • Biden is inaugurated President & Harris Vice-President – after winning the election and it being certified by Congress.

On to 2022:

    • May you and your family have a most wonderful 2022 and beyond as we all recalibrate to finally focus on the true meaning of Christmas:
      • The simple joy that only goodness brings when we wake up to the wonders, beauty, and infinite creation that is around us.


  • As our virtual gift to you and your family, here’s a beautiful prayer for our community by Richard Rohr, a wonderful Franciscan priest.


Staying connected,

Reemberto & Geraldina

p.s.: For our ‘picture albums’ of outings and celebrations through the year, visit our front porch: www.Reemberto.Info