15 Years of Silver Spring Caja China Pigs at the Chateau on the (other) Potomac – and counting!

2023 Mishmesh of Invitees (Memorial Weekend )

2022 Berto Kinder Graduation Pig (Memorial Day)

2021 Puente de Amistad Pig (Labor Day)

2021 1st Post Pandemic Pig

2020 The Year of No Pig (Damn that pandemic!)

2019 Memorial Day

2018 Memorial Day

2017 Memorial Day

2016 Berto’s Baptism

2015 Father’s Day

2014 RemDana turns 30

2013 RemDana engagement Homestead (HERE for pixs!)

2013 Fundraiser for A Wider Circle

2012 Pig (don’t know why there is only a few pictures ?!?)

2011 RR&GD 30th Anniversary

2010 GD turns 50

2009 Impact Silver Spring Pig

2009 Rembe’s 25th Birthday bash

2008 Iggy’s High School Graduation

p.s.: There are many many more pictures of pigs through our lives in the ATL with friends and family, dating back to the late 70’s. We’ll work on that collection someday.