2018 Memorial Day Weekend Lechón

Pig Day 2018 (1aa)

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What a wonderful time it was!

Sunday, May 27th, 2018 we were blessed with the accompaniment of friends and family for yet another lechón.

This time we made some ‘adjustments’ to how we prepared and cooked the lechón that proved to work rather well. It made for a tastier, crispier lechón. As usual we bought a free-range never frozen lechón from Canales Meat – at the Eastern Market in D.C. But this time we over-injected mojo and cooked it slower – 5 hours before turning it over for an additional 1 ½ , and then let it ‘breathe’ for another hour. It made a difference in taste for sure!

We also set up the bar with mostly rum. And Salvadorian Tic Tac, Ethiopian moonshine, and an array of other libations from many parts of the world, along with beer, cola, water, and GD’s mojito, of course. And, we had the Legendary Dave-O D.J. provide awesome music to enhance the mood.

Pig Day 2018 (13)Pig Day 2018 (13a)

We arranged the yard as has become customary, with tents. This time we added a third tent to cover the lechón.  Earlier in the year we had covered the patio with brick – which made a major difference from the days when the area would turn into a mud puddle with the slightest rain.

And rain it did – the day before. A torrential downpour that turned the backyard into a swamp with waterfalls and all. The forecast indicated a 90% chance of rain for Sunday – the day of the lechón – so we had to prepare the inside of the house for the inevitability of rain… Yet the rain never came! God was good to us. (I think she likes these family/friend gatherings.)

Pig Day 2018 (14a)

The day-of we set up the Caja China at 6:30 a.m. and had the lechón ready for carving by 2 p.m. because of the expected rain (that never came.) Friends and family – including four dogs and many children – came by to enJoy the festivities. It was very cool to share with amigos from Senegal, Thailand, India, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, the U.S., and the Republic of Takoma Park.

No agendas. No timeframe. No set start / end time… Indeed, we lit up the stogies late at night, and sat around till after 1:00 a.m… Just a gathering with good folks to share stories, converse, catch up, and pass the time in good nature fun… Nada mas.

Pig Day 2018 (21)

A wonderful time indeed.