Major Vacations (since 2005)

NOTE: These are the major vacations for which we have pictures on the cloud, since 2005. For Cuba Journeys, visit that page.

Mexico City Discerning Deacons Pilgrimage (2022)

Outer Banks (2022)

Finger Lakes (2021)

Myrtle Beach (2021)

London, Bordeaux, and Paris (2019)

Italy – Venice & Florence (2018)

Germany OctoborFest (2017)

South Africa Safari (2017)

Camino Ignaciano (2016)

NOTE: The sites below direct you to our old site. It is rudimentary, with limited functionality.

El Salvador w/Sister Cities* (2015)

Germany for Christmas* (2014)

India w/Sister Cities* (2014)

Australia RemDana’s Wedding * (2013)

El Salvador w/Camen & Julio* (2013)

Key West New Years* (2012/13)

Ethiopia w/Sister Cities* (2012)

Sotolongo Family Reunion* (2011)

New England with Tio & Tia* (2011)

Spain with the Snights* (2010)

Argentina to visit Iggy* (2008)

Jamaica* (2008)

Greece for our 25th Anniversary* (2006)

*This link takes you to Reemberto.Com, a pre 2015 portal