Major Vacations (since 2005)

NOTE: These are the major vacations for which we have pictures on the cloud, since 2005. For Cuba Journeys, visit that page.

London, Bordeaux, and Paris (2019)

Italy – Venice & Florence (2018)

Germany OctoborFest (2017)

South Africa Safari (2017)

Camino Ignaciano (2016)

NOTE: The sites below direct you to our old site. It is rudimentary, with limited functionality.

El Salvador w/Sister Cities* (2015)

Germany for Christmas* (2014)

India w/Sister Cities* (2014)

Australia RemDana’s Wedding * (2013)

El Salvador w/Camen & Julio* (2013)

Key West New Years* (2012/13)

Ethiopia w/Sister Cities* (2012)

Spain with the Snights* (2010)

Argentina to visit Iggy* (2008)

Jamaica* (2008)

Greece for our 25th Anniversary* (2006)

*This link takes you to Reemberto.Com, a pre 2015 portal