Inauguration Participation

INAUGURATION PARTICIPATION Since we moved to the DC Area (Silver Spring) in 2004, we have participated in person in the Inauguration of President Bush in 2005, and President Obama in 2009 and 2013. We opted out of participating in the Inauguration of the President voted out in the elections of 2020. And we are participating […]


CARD & LETTER FELIZ NAVIDAD We began 2020 celebrating New Year’s Day in Cuba for the fourth year in a row, affirming our new-found connection with the Cuban people and our deep roots there. (Neither of us can identify our ancestors who evidently came from Spain. Our heritage is truly Cuban to the core.) And […]


FELIZ NAVIDAD 2019 amigo(a) & familia. If you have not visited, we invite you to our virtual front porch to meander through our adventures this last year. www.Reemberto.Info It is truly impossible to recap the amazing blessings sprinkled – no, showered! – on us this year. Maribelle – our first granddaughter – is born. Berto […]

June 2019 Vacation

LONDON, BORDEAUX, PARIS (and a day trip to Hampton Ct, Stonehenge, & Bath) . PHOTO ALBUMS Highlights of Highlights . Selfies and more . London (plus day trip to Hampton Ct., Stonehenge, and Bath) – ALL . London – Highlights . Hampton Ct., Stonehenge, Bath – Highlights . Bordeaux and Wineries – ALL . Bordeaux […]