Iggy & Jess Wedding Celebration



September 16-19, 2021


What joy it was to be there!

Iggy & Jess looked so happy. It was simply beautiful.

Every detail – everything – was just right. Perfect.

The gathering the night before at the bar; the lunch the day of; the wedding celebration ceremony itself; the brunch at the brewery the day after. All of it felt so natural.

And, both mothers – Linda and Geraldina – were so sincerely emotional. They are so rightfully proud. So proud. The memorial to Jess’s dad was most moving. We all felt his undeniable presence and spirit with us throughout the celebration. He too must be so proud.

It was so amazingly cool to see family and friends come partake of the festivities. It was heartwarming to be with the Atlanta Rodriguez clan and Miami and Atlanta tias and tios and cousins. Oh and to have the old friends from Georgia/Florida and current friends from Maryland/Delaware meet and share. How wonderful it was!

Meeting many of Jess and Iggy’s friends was exceptional. If these are the young people that will be taking care of our planet in the future, we are in good hands. They are a funny, fun, intelligent, caring bunch. Good folks all around.

The gathering at the bar the night before was such an easy way to reconnect with so many folks. Saying ‘hello’ the night before made the next day more focused on the festivities.

The lunch the day of – at some funky food hall – was a great idea. Sharing and eating outdoors with this bunch was easy. And the food was good. (Except the stuffed peppers.)

The brunch at the brewery the day after – thanks to RemDana – was the ideal ‘after party’. Good beer, good food, and good company.

The actual ceremony was – in every sense of the word – simply beautiful. The place, the setting, the details, the flowers, and most important: The grace and beauty of the bride and groom. Hannah’s officiating was one for the record books. So heart-felts and authentic. A keeper!

The reception afterwards was – like the ceremony – simply beautiful. Fun and joy overfilled the venue. The young people – and some old geezers – danced and played. The old geezers – and some young people – conversed and caught up on old times. And everyone had a blast.

Now on with life.

We pray that Iggy & Jess will take the sentiments evident in those most precious days celebrating their wedding and may those good vibes, fun moments, and shared love will be forever with them. May they know they are not alone in this journey of life. May they know that we – family and friends – are here to accompany them in the complicated, challenging, and joy-filled journey that is life.


p.s.: The Willie Nelson concert Saturday night was a neat way to decompress 🙂