Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful, joyous Holiday Season! 

… and wishing you the best of the four Fs of this Fiesta season

May you be with family, having fun, enjoying food, and practicing faith.


For us, this year – like every year – was special. “Especial“… And, yes, it revolved mostly around family, fun, food, and faith.

RR3 turned “uno“. (He is simply awesome.)

We saw On Your Feet for its final showing on Broadway. (Ana was magical – as always.)

We accompanied Toti (RR[1]’s bro) on his new journey with Luisa at their wedding. (And, rejoiced with Lini (RR[1]’s brother) & Mary’s growing (9!) number of grandchildren – and with Susana (GD’s sis) and Jose Miguel and Carmencita (RR[1]’s sis) and Julio as they join the rank of grandparents.)

We shared with Suzy and Ricardo at their wedding in Atlanta. (And hung out with Maria, Jessica and the (growing!) kids.)

It was so cool during the year continuing to see the familia grow and grow! (Thanks in part to Facebook we enjoyed seeing the pictures of the little ones.)

We visited Miami to check in on the dwindling number of elderly. (It was so heartwarming to see them.)

Our new Caja China proved to be a success. (We used it to do a ‘pavochon‘ for Thanksgiving.)

We were blessed with the opportunity to revisit Cuba; do a photo-safari in South Africa; and do Oktoberfest in Munich. (Traveling remains hobby #1.)

GD continues with her Yoga, Hallmark Channel, and reading her ‘novelitas‘. (And doing her part at the NIH with HIV/AIDS research at the Cancer Institute.)

RR[1] continues to do his thing with Silver Spring and Montgomery County. (And read books by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Thomas Friedman – and the Pope – to re-energize for the year ahead.)

Our faith journey continues. (Reconnecting with old friends and experiencing the Exercises.)

And, we both continue doing what we can to connect with community near and far to #RESIST. (And invite you to do the same in 2018 in your community by engaging – and voting.)

Please visit our Familia’s Portal to see pictures of the many outings, celebrations, and more.

A decade of Feliz Navidad messages:

enJoy this beautiful Christmas card, which re-imagines the Holy Family in a contemporary setting, created by Everett Patterson. (Visit his site for explanation of the many symbols in the card.)


Rembe y Geraldina

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