CAMINO IGNACIANO – a personal reflection

“So What? What Now?” A Personal Reflection on the Camino Ignaciano Experience (For pictures and more of this most excellent experience, visit our ‘postcard‘.)   Our Camino – and Caminantes Our version of the Camino Ignaciano was modified to welcome and embrace the diversity of physical capacity of our ‘caminantes’. We had children, tweens, and […]


PICTURES – DAY BY DAY Loyola Loyola to Zumarraga Zumarraga to Laguardia (with stop at Kripan) Laguardia to Javier (with stops at Navarette and Pamplona) Javier to Zaragoza (with stops at Castejón and Tudela) Zaragoza to Lleida Lleida to Montserrat Montserrat to Manresa Manresa PICTURES – Thematically (Same pictures as above, sorted by theme.) Caminantes Religious […]